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We are The Peoples Firm. We serve the people we represent and do our utmost to listen to you and speak out on your behalf.

We are your voice in the Courts of Justice throughout the UK. Our lawyers are approachable and friendly, so if you have a private issue we will handle it with care. You’ll feel reassured by our transparency, lack of jargon, and eagerness to share our specialist knowledge with you.

We offer practical, cost-effective, commercial solicitors who are genuine experts with detailed knowledge, know-how, and experience that a general law practice doesn’t have.


What is employment law? Employment law, in its essence, is the legislation which is passed to govern ...
Specializing in a range of criminal defence including: drug offences, serious fraud and motoring offences.
Providing you with expert assistance with claims against an individual or a company.
Drafting and effecting commercial leases, as well as dealing with complex commercial disputes.

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Delivering for our clients, whatever the challenge

Big enough to handle the most complex matters. Agile enough to adapt quickly. Whatever your industry or situation, we relish change, thrive on solutions and love building long-term relationships with our clients.


1000 RPC people united by a passion for client service. For us it’s a must, not a maxim.

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ReCover is a dedicated Scheme with claims management system designed to proactively drive recovery cases with the added benefit of providing key management information and bordereaux.

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. We’ll help you make it count. Some of the biggest names in advertising rely on us to keep their brand communications above board.

With unprecedented impacts from the 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19) due to affect industry, businesses and supply chains, our content hub aims to keep you up to date with legal news during the current climate.

A dawn raid can be extremely stressful – in part because if you get it wrong, the repercussions can be severe. Our experienced team can provide immediate help.

Data security breaches are on the rise. While many can be avoided, you need an experienced multi-faceted team ready to spring into action should you face a breach.

Company leaders and officers can often find themselves spending valuable time attempting to resolve disputes. Disagreements can appear from all angles: from shareholders, transaction counterparties and directors. 

Our pre-eminent fraud & investigations group is known for acting on the largest fraud disputes. We are one of the largest civil fraud practices in the city.

We know that dealing with investigations can be daunting. However, our experienced team will help you manage the process and avoid the pitfalls.

Disputes can be expensive and can divert valuable management time away from the day to day business of running your organisation. We will work with you to resolve those commercial issues, whether by mediation, arbitration or litigation. 

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